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About Us

Full Spot Our Logo


Spot Our specializes in showcasing parkour locations (“Spots”), giving your location the material it deserves. Spot Our as a entrepreneur is focused on providing different kind of media material to different Parkour Spots.

Spot Our is also a community, where users can share their own Parkour Spots. Spot Our therefore has a meaning for both “Spot” and “Our” words!


Spot Our offers several different things in Finnish Parkour Community.

What does “Spot” offer?

  • Creating media material to showcase Parkour Locations
  • Taking photos and making videos with four different cameras
  • Making 360 material with GoPro MAX (for videos) and RICOH THETA X (for photos)
  • Drone material with DJI Mavic Air 2 (Spot Our has remote pilot certificate for both A1/A3 and A2 subcategories)
  • All material for Parkour Spots – unless otherwise noted – is Creative Commons-material, so Spot Our also offers media material for other users!
  • COMING SOON – Making interactive 360 virtual tours of any Parkour Location

What does “Our” offer?

  • Spot Our is also a community where users can find new parkour locations
  • Users can see parkour spots nearby their current location
  • All postcodes, cities and municipalities in Finland are included. This means that if user searches from one postcode, Spot Our’s map will display all parkour spots in that postcode’s area!
  • Share Parkour Spots and Events 

Registered users can also:

  • Link/Register their account with Facebook
  • Add their favorite Parkour Spots
  • Hire staff to their Parkour Spots! (= Staff means co-authors)
  • Claim Spots for themselves which allows visitors to contact them via form
  • Advertise their Parkour Spots – users have ability to pay via Bank Transfer to show their parkour spot in up to 3 different locations
  • Create events for their Parkour Spots
  • Create coupons and announcements for their Parkour Spots
  • Discuss with other users who have reached out them via form found from claimed Parkour Spot
  • And much more!

Parkourkeskus in 360


“I did: Park. Our. Car!”
-Colton “Pilvi/Cloud” Pesonen, April 1st, 2020

Origin of Spot Our became in April 1st, 2020, when Colton “Pilvi/Cloud” Pesonen uploaded a 3 part video “#Parkourcar”. While Finnish Traceurs (Parkour Athletes) thought he was going to do Parkour move with his car, it was actually an April Fools joke which resulted him publishing a 3 part video where he just did literally park our car! Soon after, he told that he has bought GoPro MAX 360 camera, which allowed him to create material while taking advantage of 360 possibilities!

Soon after that, he bought DJI Mavic Air 2 drone, which also has 360 support. Both these cameras greatly increased his interest for 360 filming. This resulted him becoming a private entrepreneur for that line of business. And in November 2021, he decided to take a name “Spot Our”.

In May 2021, he noticed that there really isn’t any site dedicated to Finnish Parkour locations (also known as Spots). After thinking a while, he started to develop a web environment, where any registered users can add and share their own Finnish Parkour spots. Because this environment is related to same thing than Spot Our as an entrepreneur, he got a feeling that he killed two birds with one stone.

After several months of intense developing, Spot Our finally opened in April 15th.


Spot Our name has three meanings:

1) It’s a combination of words “Parkour and Spot” – Spot is a term for location 

2) If you combine those words, one can also get two words from it: “Spot” and “Tour”. Tour has also a meaning on this site, because visitor can have a feeling that they’re on a tour when checking Parkour Spots.

3) This name gives visitor a feeling, that they’re supposed to spot something. But they’re curious that what it is really?