Spot! Camera! Parkour!

What is Spot Our?

Spot Our is both web environment/community and entrepreneur.

It has a meaning for both “Spot” and “Our” words.

For “Spot:” Spot Our is mainly focused to showcase Parkour spots in Finland. But additionally, it’s also private entrepreneur as Spot Our also takes photos and makes videos of Parkour Spots. It also soon will start to make interactive 360° Virtual Tours for any kind of locations – not just Parkour Spots!

For “Our”: it’s a service, where users can share their own parkour locations (“Spots”) to public audience. It means general audience can spot OUR (any registered user) parkour locations!

We’re more than happy to have you in here!

Parkour Spotlight

In Parkour Spotlight, you can see featured parkour spots.

Want to feature your own parkour spot here? You can pay via Bank Transfer to create an ad campaign for your Parkour Spot. 


Energia muuttuu iloksi!

cat-icon Seutulantie 17, 04410 Järvenpää, Suomi
cat-icon Puhelinkatu 12, 13130 Hämeenlinna, Suomi


Keho. Mieli. Sisu.

cat-icon Teerisuonkuja 4, 00700 Helsinki, Suomi

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