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In addition to provide a possibility for users to add their own Finnish Parkour Spots, Spot Our is also an entrepreneur. It offers following services for people which allow your location to have the media material it deserves.

Price for services, other than showcasing a spot, is always contractual. VAT is 24%.


360° Filming

Spot Our offers 360° Filming, bringing a lot of new possibilities for filming. It's possible to create both 360° photos and videos!


Drone Filming

Spot Our also offers drone filming. Using drone brings another new perspective and view level for photos and videos.

Remember that Spot Our cannot use drone in locations where use of drone is prohibited by government.


Showcase Spots

Spot Our can also add your Parkour Spots on this site. If you don't have time or experience problems with adding your Parkour Spot, you can ask Spot Our to add it for you.

Spot Our makes sure your spot page has all the information it needs.

Price is always 19 € per spot (with 24% VAT, without VAT, it's 15,32 €)


Virtual Tours (coming soon)

Thanks to Ben Claremont's awesome Virtual Tour Pro-course, Spot Our can soon also create interactive 360 Virtual Tours for any kind of locations - not just parkour spots!

More information coming soon.