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Welcome to Spot Our!

Welcome to Spot Our! Congratulations on taking your first step of learning this site!

My name is Kalle Pesonen – also known as Pilvi/Cloud in Parkour – and I want to congratulate you of wanting to learn more about this site! I’m certain you will learn incredible things about this site.

I’m sure you not only will find more Finnish Parkour Spots here, but this site also helps you making media material about Parkour Spots!

This documentation is split into ten different sections:

  1. Introduction: you learn more about this documentation in general
  2. Understanding the Site: you learn more about this site in general
  3. Log in / Register: you learn more about creating an account
  4. Profile Details: you learn how to update your profile details
  5. Dashboard: you learn all features found from this site’s dashboard in general
  6. Viewing a Parkour Spot: you learn what you can do when viewing a parkour spot
  7. Adding a Parkour Spot: you learn more about adding a parkour spot to this site
  8. Managing your Parkour Spot: you learn how you can manage your parkour spot
  9. Being a Spot Owner: you learn how to become a Spot Owner and what does being one grant you
  10. Other Stuff: you see frequently asked questions and other plans to this site in this section

You can print every documentation if you wish by pressing the print-icon in the top right corner of each document.

If you already can figure it out, how a certain feature works on this site, you can skip the documentation of that specific feature. And don’t worry, I’m not going to get offended if  you skip a part or two in this documentation. My main goal of this documentation is to give all the necessary information you need in order to maximize the benefit this site has to offer!

And remember, you can always ask me about anything of this site. But how? Check out next part of this documentation: Contact Details!

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