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Add a Review

Want to review a spot? Good! It’s always useful for spots to have reviews!

When viewing a spot, there is tab called “Review” on desktop view and “Add a Review” button on mobile view.

There you can rate a spot and write a review. You can rate from 1 to 5 in four different categories:

  • Versatility: the more parkour moves people can do on this spot, the more stars you should give
  • Uniqueness: is your spot unique in a way or another? Or is this just a spot like any other?
  • Simplicity: the easier is to understand/tweak this location into Parkour Spot, the more stars you should give.
  • Location: how easy is to access this location, are there any dangers nearby this location?

After that, you can upload images if you wish as well as add a title and review for your spot.

Please note: you cannot review your own spots!

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