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Spot Owner in General

Being a spot owner means you’re kind of a verified user on this site!

To become a spot owner, you need to have at least one of your Parkour Spots claimed. See Claiming a Spot for instructions. There are two ways to find out, if spot is claimed or not:

  1. It has a blue check mark next to its name
  2. Users can contact spot owner via contact form

After your claim process has been approved by site administrator, congratulations, you are now a spot owner, which grants you following benefits:

  • Access to a backend part of this site
  • Edit your spot from backend
  • Ability to claim your any other spots
  • Allows you to edit the contact form for your claimed spots – you can add more fields to that form!
  • It allows you to add custom desktop/mobile notifications of your spots to users, who have allowed notifications from this site on their device
  • Ability to add other users as a “staff members/coauthors” for your spot. These users can edit your spot from frontend as well as create events, announcements, coupons and ad campaigns for your spot. They however cannot add notifications or other users as “staff members/coauthors”
  • Edit your Spot URL
  • Edit your Spot Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – perhaps you want to give a different description to your spot for search engines

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