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Map Tutorial

Spot Map (https://spotour.net/map/) is one of the most important features in this site. Since it may be slightly overwhelming at first look, it’s good to explain how this map works.

First of all, you may be wondering, why the URL looks completely different to the URL just mentioned? That is because Map page is actually just page displaying search results with no filters.

Pressing “Near Me”-button checks spots near you. You can adjust distance between 1 and 50 kilometers from your current location. Remember that if you did search from certain city or post code before, that search filter will be nullified. You may need to give consent for your browser in order it to work.

You can also sort spots by having most reviews, views or highest ratings.

Pressing “Plus”-icon allows you to filter your search by Virtual Tour, Parking, Get In By and Copyright LIcense settings. Spot will be displayed on search result as long as it’s found at least from one filter.

Finally, when selecting a category, you can do more advanced search by only displaying spots that have certain features. For example in gyms, you can choose to only display gyms that accept Smartum as a payment method.

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