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Site in General

This site can be basically split into three parts:

  1. Site itself
  2. User dashboard (https://spotour.net/spot-author/)
  3. Backend / Admin panel (site that can be accessed via top bar when logged in)

Site itself is this site displayed in public. Every page that any person can see belongs to this area.

User dashboard can be accessed if you log in. Here you can manage your added parkour spots.

Backend / Admin panel is only available for administrators and Spot Owners – accounts who have claimed successfully at least one spot –

Remember these two things:

  1. This site can always be updated
  2. It’s always possible to find bugs from this site
  3. Site looks different in mobile devices
  4. Due to the nature of this site, this site will most likely never be absolutely complete

NOTE: It’s highly recommended to not use incognito/private mode when visiting the site. Some features – like detecting a location and allowing notification – may not work properly on this site when using incognito/private mode.

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